News: Walt Jaschek, Radio Partner Paul Fey Inducted Into St. Louis Media Hall of Fame

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From the St. Louis Media History Foundation:

Paul Fey and Walt Jaschek, longtime collaborators and creators of funny radio commercials, were inducted into the 2017 St. Louis Media Hall of Fame at a gala ceremony attended by hundreds in downtown St. Louis on March 17, 2018.

The duo thanked, among many others, “Our great clients over the years, for your courage, your taste, and your budgets. Keep having those things!”

The St. Louis Media History Foundation inducted 20 other individuals into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame that night, as well. More than 200 people attended the gala. (See the full list of the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees here.)

Said the Foundation: “Individually and together, Paul and Walt have reputations for creating high-impact, industry-admired advertising campaigns. They teamed up in 1991 to create Paul & Walt Worldwide, the radio commercial boutique agency and production company. With offices in Hollywood and St. Louis, their work quickly won CLIOS, ADDYs and many other awards for national brands.”

Paul is now President and Chief Creative Officer of World Wide Wadio in Hollywood.  Walt is now creative consultant and copywriter here at Both men continue to collaborate frequently.

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Bonus scene from the night of the ceremony:  Walt and what he calls his “Hall of Fam:” From left, son Adam; Walt’s wife Randy; and Adam’s fiancé Bernie.