Brand Storytelling for Luxury Spirit


The Grey Goose Vodka brochure I was engaged to write by Moosylvania Marketing of St. Louis had a specific purpose: explain what had never been explained before. For years, this high-end vodka had marketed itself as “The World’s Best Tasting Vodka.” But up until the point I was hired, no Grey Goose brochure, in fact, no piece of Grey Goose marketing, print or digital, laid out the techniques, the “Why and How.” That is, why is Grey Goose the world’s best tasting? How does it get that way?  I rolled up my sleeves, poured some vodka — yes, Grey Goose — and put process puzzle pieces together. Then I wrote this, a Grey Goose brochure taking us through the brand story, step by tasty step.

Grey Goose brochure / Sample spreads

“Elegance. Made Evident.”


“Pure Perfection”


Maitre means “Master.”


Reaching the Defining Moment.


Great Taste Culminates.


“The Reasons Are Clear.”


“The results are evident: Grey Goose is the World’s Best Tasting Vodka.”

Client: Grey Goose Vodka
Agency/Design: Moosylvania Marketing
Copywriter: Walt Jaschek


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