High-Impact Radio for National Brands

Demand for highly creative, breakthrough radio commercials was once very high, and it was our wheelhouse for many years. My radio production partner Paul Fey and I specialized in producing memorable campaigns for national advertisers, including  entertainment brands CBS-TV, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, King World, and many others. 

The commercials written or co-written by me and produced by Paul Fey for our creative radio boutique Paul & Walt Worldwide, now World Wide Wadio.

In the process, we won many national advertising awards, including Clios, Addys, and International Broadcasting Awards. We also recently learned that for this body of work, Paul and I are being inducted into the 2018 St. Louis Media Hall of Fame. An honor.

Please turn your volume up for just a few samples from the hundreds of spots we produced.

“Robert Goulet” | :60 radio for The Simpsons
Client: 20th Century Fox

$20,000 Mercury Award for Radio Humor

“Mission Persons” | :60 radio for Matlock
Client: WCIX-TV

Clio Award for “Best Radio Copywriting”

“Laugh Catalog” | :60 radio for George Schlatter’s Comedy Club
Client; Warner Brothers

Clio Award for “Best Use of Sound”

“Viva La Volvo” | :60 radio for Volvo
Client: Southern California Volvo Dealers

National Addy Award winner

“Put Your Tongue on the Radio” | :60 radio for Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Client: A&E Network

Promax Muse Award for radio

“The Ballad of Judge Wapner” | :60 radio for The People’s Court
Client: Warner Brothers

Promax Muse Award winner for radio, National Addy Award for radio

“Millions of Americans” | :60 public service announcement for eye care
Client: American Optometric Association
National Addy Winner for PSA

“I’m Shaving My Head!” | :60 radio for Star Trek: The Next Generation
Client: WCIX-TV

These commercials are © Paul & Walt Worldwide and © World Wide Wadio.  Producer: Paul Fey. Writers: Paul Fey and Walt Jaschek

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