Taglines: Engines of Brand Messaging

Good taglines don’t tag. They lead.

Taglines are the engines of brand stories, not the cabooses. In creating marketing campaigns, they should come first.

Taglines crystalize, simplify and unify messaging across all media, giving prospects a better chance to “get” your brand story – and even repeat it. When that happens: lightning in a bottle. They also inform almost all creative executions to follow, serving as a North Star for messaging. “This,” the tagline says, “is what are marketing is going to be about.”

Here are recent taglines written by Walt Jaschek, and brought to life by great agencies and graphic designers. Cool campaigns ensued.

Have a Grain Day™


“Have a Grain Day” is the tagline for Hodgson Mill, makers of whole grain pastas and cereals, available in grocery stores nationally. Writer: Walt Jaschek. Agency: In-House. Read more.

Take the Parkside Path.™


“Take the Parkside Path” is the tagline for Parkside Financial Bank and Trust of Clayton, Missouri. Writer: Walt Jaschek. Agencies: Studio X, Behr Consulting. Read more.

Care. Right. Now.™ 

websiteopens-nurseresponse1“Care. Right. Now.” was the tagline for Nurse Response, a former division of Centene Corporation. Writer: Walt Jaschek.

Not a Bank. Better.®


“Not a bank. Better.” is the tagline for CEFCU Credit Union in Peoria, Illinois. It’s anchored every piece of  its marketing communications since 2011. Writer: Walt Jaschek. Agency: Maring Weissman.

Worry Less.


“Worry Less.” is the tagline for St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors, University City, Missouri. Writer: Walt Jaschek. Agency: Chuck Hart Design.

This is Care.™


“This is Care” was the tagline for Central Baptist Hospital, now Baptist Health Lexington, of Lexington, Kentucky.  Writer: Walt Jaschek. Designer: Paul Maring. Agency: Maring Weissman. Read more.

Smart Move!™


“Smart Move!” is the tagline for Cynthia Behr, Realtor, St. Louis. Writer: Walt Jaschek. Agency: Chuck Hart Design.

Great taglines come from a lot of upfront brand discovery work, prospect-focused brainstorming, crafting a brand platform, then turning a copywriter loose to shorten, shorten, shorten. Like a seed, taglines sprout inspiration for further messaging, and serve as the nexus for all of it.

To repeat my tagline about taglines:

Good taglines don’t tag. They lead.

Need a new one for your brand or business? Tag me.

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