Walt Jaschek is Ready to Brainstorm with You.

Brainstorming, Ideation, Marketing Consulting

Let’s put our heads together and our hands to the board.

When you work with Walt Jaschek of Walt Now Consulting in St. Louis, we can crack open your brand messaging, or tackle a tagline, or craft the perfect home page copy, or ideate a luscious live event, or concept a web series, or hurl out a whole lot of headlines.


It’s a good change from writing solo and I’ve seen it work spectacularly over the years. I come in, we conjure, you keep the ideas, I go put more money in the parking meter, everybody wins.

I can be engaged to lead ideation sessions, brainstorms and messaging meetings, or to participate in them; from one person to many; from a conference room to a couch in the lobby; from a single hour to a series of meetings strategically scheduled over days.

The highest and best use of sessions like this is brand story development.

Before you launch that new marketing campaign, you need your brand story straight. To do so, perhaps I can bring my “Prospect-Based Messaging” techniques to guide you and your team through strategic ideation. Results: crystalized brand stories, unified messaging that ignites marketing campaigns, turns prospects into customers, and turns customers into brand advocates.

I am ready at the whiteboard. Oh, sure, I might sniff the markers a little. But that’s part of the fun. Contact me, let’s get going. 

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